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Site News:
11/24/2017: Added a link to our Discord to site navigation. Discord is considered public, with higher access and priveleges for friends and current guild members.
9/8/2017: New guild established on Wyrmrest Accord. Original guild still intact on Scarlet Crusade. Armory link for Wyrmrest guild added.
11/18/2014: About page has been updated. More changes may be coming soon!
6/11/2014: Forum has been updated. If you notice anything broken or missing, yell at Ori.
9/17/2013: Haven't actually done anything to update this site... but hey guess what! We can go kill Garrosh now!
8/26/2012: Patch 5.0.4 (the lead-in to Mists of Pandaria) will be live this week. Details here.
9/18/2011: Updated a couple things on the main page, moved the old news to an archives page.
8/24/2011: Corrected a couple links on the Links page.
8/7/2011: Updated the forum's theme. It should match the main site fairly closely.
8/3/2011: Updated the about page. I'm still not completely satisfied with the forum, so I'll update it. eventually.
8/2/2011: Wow guys... you are awesome. As of today, this guild is officially level 25! Great job!
6/29/2011: Forum has been updated.
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